Untitled (Tattoo Project)

Untitled Tattoo Project II

  untitled black and white

Video installation shown @   48 h NK klein

26th – 28th of June 2009

Concept & Editing: Katharina Klewinghaus & Liz Rosenfeld
Photography: Christa Holka

Digital Video & Still Photography

an encounter. a collaboration. a familiarity. a vividness. a friendship. an incident. a former performance. a future event. a desire. an investment. a submission. a confusion. an ambivalence. Something remaining. a responsibility.

Untitled (Tattoo Project) is a continuous collaboration between artists Liz Rosenfeld and Katharina Klewinghaus. These photographs and sound recordings document a private performance which took place in March 2009 between Rosenfeld and Klewinghaus, in which Rosenfeld received a five hour tattoo designed and conceived by Klewinghaus. Before receiving the tattoo Rosenfeld did not know what the tattoo would be, or where it would be placed on her body, thus Klewinghaus was forced to consider Rosenfeld’s body as her own. The futurity of this tattoo is unknown, as it is Klewinghaus’s to change, and Rosenfeld’s to carry for her.