Changes OK

Changes OK II

changes ok 3


Shown & performed on 6th – 7th of December 2008 @


and Centre Pompidou, Paris 25th-27th of September 2009 @

Concept: Alexandre Roccoli & Christophe Chemin
Camera & Editing: Alexandre Roccoli, Christophe Chemin & Katharina Klewinghaus
Performance: Maria Hassabi, Katharina Klewinghaus, Alexandre Roccoli &
Christophe Chemin
Costumes: Bernhard Willhelm

Alexandre Roccoli and Christophe Chemin deal with the experience of perception in “Changes – OK/Zero Killed”, the third part of the “Playground” series as well as an homage to avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren, combining cinema with choreography and inviting the audience to take part in the process of their own perceptual construct. “Changes – OK/Zero Killed” creates a world of illusions, a colorful kaleidoscope of visual perception.