Luftblase blau

2002, 14:30 minutes, Germany, Language: German, Video, Colour

Luftblase is a short drama about the subjectivity of human anxiety and how it is possible to artifically construct fear in one’s mind.

Cast: Sonja Beißwenger, Constantin Lücke, Christoph Gawenda
Written, directed & produced by: Katharina Klewinghaus
Production assistant: Billa Dudek, Birgit Binder
Camera: Emiliano Pablo Ovejero
Camera Assistant: Fee Burger
Directing Assistant: Tim Stüttgen
Editing: Bettina Ruetz
Sound: Evin Bilmen
Sound Design: Christoph Hundt
Art Design: Peppi Formica
Make-Up: Tan Binh Nguyen